The Rise of Heroes

Entry 2: An Artist and her Canvas

Amaltheia Moonsilver was a elven princess, or at least a princess in her own prissy mind. She loved the woods and all of nature but did not share the cunning to navigate it that all her bretheren had inherited. What Amaltheia lacked in survival instincts and wisdom she most assuridly made up for in deadly accuracy with her bow. Amaltheia looked upon her bow with pride as she had crafted all on her own. Making bows had long been a hobby of hers and as a well practiced skill had only gotten better with time. Amaltheia awoke to the sound of birds chirping and the other pleasant delights of the forest, but today was different. Today was the day she was to take a quest out into the wilderness on her own, and search for the wonderess palate to make her best bow ever- Dark wood. Stories were told by the other rangers that the material could be found only days away. She was determined to acquire the resources she needed to complete her masterpiece, and prepared to depart. She reached for her two weapons she had practiced with since she was old enough to hold. In her dominate hand she griped her Scimitar, and in her off hand she wielded a Kukri. Neither weapons were a shared preference among the other elven rangers much less both of these weapons together. With her rations in hand and everything she needed packed she left her village which was tucked away from the rest of the world and once again entered the dangers of the wild.



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