The Rise of Heroes

Entry 3: Field Work

Balthazar knelt in silence along side all of his brothers and sisters. These were not his brother and sisters by blood, but might as well have been since he had spent his entire life with them at the monastary. Balthazar was not like his brothers and sisters, however he craved excitement where they wsere content with daily studies and research. He had no patience to study the fine art of deflecting arrows he was a brawler, and loved to get in close and grapple making his opponents ask for mercy after pinning them. The elder of the monastary witnessed this one day during sparing practice and saw the fire that burned bright inside of him that could not be contained until Balthazar had quenched his thirst for adventure. The Elder feared his wild spirit might spread to the other students if not dealt with. The Elder brought Balthazar before him the next day and told him of an ancient Dwarven monastary that once existed in the forest to the East. Knowing he could not resist the offer to investigate the Elder issued the young monk with the task of investigating the ruins for any artifacts that neede dto be secured. Balthazar jumped at the oppertunity and could not believe his luck as being the chosen to undertake such an important task. After thanking the Elder Balthazar turned to leave the elders chambers readying himself for whatever lay ahead. Once the Elder was alone he only hoped that this endeavor would be enough to quench the flames of rebellion and lust for adventure that raged inside Balthazar.



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