The Rise of Heroes

Entry 4: Like father like son

Kolnir Grimaxe grew up deep in the mountains, and did not care for Stone masonry like most of his brethern. He liked a good fight, and first got his axe wet with greenskin blood when a goblin raid had came through his caves claiming the lives of many of his beloved friends and his father. Kolnir thought of the incident and then realized as he did he was gripping the hilt of his fathers great axe tightly. The axe was the last thing his father had given to gim before dying from the wounds he had endured at the hands of the greenskins. Kolnir remembered the last words his father had said to him referencing the Dwarven God Torag, “Believe my son. Believe he watches over us always.” Kolnir though of his fathers words and began to ask around about The Dwarven God. The local clerics told him of the Gods benevolence and spoke of an ancient monastary that had once inhabited monks that were dedicated to the worship of Torag. Kolnir knew what he had to do, and packed his gear as he set off to go learn more about the magnificent lord of all Dwarves and honor his fathers memory.



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