The Rise of Heroes

Entry 6: The search for a cure begins

The line outside Roots and Remedies was extremely long when Ezekiel arrived. Ezekiel was dismayed, but knew he had no other option. Faced with only one option Ezekiel went to the end and began the long wait. He noticed an Elf in front of him who had stopped and started speaking with ill children who were also waiting in line trying to lighten their spirits through laughter. Ezekiel eavesdropped, and heard the end of a humerous tale the female elf was telling the children involving halflings and a kobolds reminescient of the three little pigs. Ezekiel also could not help but notice the spellbook thatr he saw peeking out of her backpack, and decided he had to introduce himself to a fellow mage. Amaltheia Moonsilver received Ezekiel’s introduction warmly, but left him disappointed when she informed him she was a ranger and not a mage, but did have aspirations of learning from her grandmother’s spellbook and pne day becoming a practicer of the arcane arts. Kolnir Grimaxe gre tired of waiting in this line as a matter of fact Kolnir hated all lines, and thats because as a dwarf Kolnir hated waiting. He had been standing here for over half an hour, and this human and elf were beginning to boil his blood with their constant chatter. Had anyone ever heard of waiting in a line in silence. Kolnir turned to the human standing behind him and asked, “Don’t you humans ever run out of things to say?” Bakthazar replied, “I try to speak only when absolutely pertient and come as close to achieving a vow of silence as possible.” Kolnir studied the human for a moment and observed his robed clothing and bald head and stated, “I think we are going to get along just fine.”



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