The Rise of Heroes

Entry 7: adventurers assemble

Ezekiel and Amatheia heard the converstion betwen the dwarf and human behind them, and struck up a conversation much to the dismay of Kolnir. The four ended up deciding that as long as everyone kept to themselves that Balthazaar and Kolnir would assist Ezekiel and amathalia finding their cure if they would in turn help them find the dwarven ruins that they sought. After a long hour of waiting in line it was their turn to enter the shop. This is when they met Laurel a very dismissive woman who runs the store. After multiple questions and many dissmissive answers Laurel shares her knowledge of the disease. pleading for his families well being and any hope of a cure Laurel says there may be something, and goes to open her grandmother’s ancient spellbook. Inside the book she shares with the party a possible potion that can be concocted to combat the black scour taint disease. Laurel explains that she can procure all the necessary ingredients except for three which are rumored only to exist in the heart of the forest of darkmoon vale. The first of the ingredients can oly be found at the base of the eldest tree, and is the moss that grows at its base. The second is a root called rats tail which could probably be found or procured if you talk to the local witch of the vale, and her name is Ulmizilia. The final ingredient is 7 Ironbloom mushrooms and there is a good chance they can be attained at the old dwarven monastary ruins. If you need any directions the head of the lumber camp to the east has a daughter sick with the taint, and if you were to tell him of your quest he would probably be glad to aid you in the directions of each of these landmarks. After acquiring the information that they needed the party took a half an hour to acquire the necessary supplies for their endeavor and began on their journey to find the cure for the town.



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