The Rise of Heroes

Entry 5: Welcome back to Falcon's Hollow

Ezekiel Blackwood stepped down from the caravan and thanked his God that the ride was over, after two long months of travel he had finally arrived home. He entered the lumber town that he knew oh so well. Ezekiel was shocked at how the town looked currently and what he had remembered. Everywhere people were sick being helped around town to complete mundane tasks, or simply sitting up against buildings in the middle of the street as they had no where else to go, for if you did not work in Falcon’s hollow you were forgotten like all the vagrants that are not Businessmen lumberjacks and whores. Ezekiel passed the church of imodae and thought tp himself as he saw a crowd in front of the entire building all looking for blessings from priests. Hacks and terrible coughs errupted randomly throughout the crowd and more than one person dabbed bloody spittle that they coughed up. Ezekiel began to worry as he noticed that the wide spread disease was taking hold of the entire town, and the thought clawed at him about what had become of his family. Ezekiel sprinted the remaining distance to his house gasping for breath and sweating from the arid heat of the sun at high noon. His mouth went dry as he opened the front door to his house and called out one by one for his family members. There was a delayed response from his youngest sister Annabelle. He reached down and embraced her warmly glad to see her, and noticed she was a bit pale. “Where is mother and father?”, he asked. “They are sleeping and very sick like the rest of the town.” she replied. Annabelle took Ezekiel by the hand and escorted her brother to her mother and father’s bedside. “Is that my little boy all grown up?” His mother asked. “Yes mother I have returned home, but what has happened to this everyone in this place?” he responded. “The drinking well was contaminated with a fungus, but they have closed it down. Please don’t wake your fathe he is ill as well, and was up all night watching over your little sister hoping this disease would pass her by but it appears his prayers fell on deaf ears. We are all sick would you be a kind dear and go to Roots and Remedies, and pick up some under root tea? They claim with it and bed rest you should be back on your feet in no time. It makes your sister feel so much better. You have always been such a good boy.” she said as she dabbed at the corners of her mouth with a hakerchief to wipe away the bloody spittle as she faded back into unconciousness.



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